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Some of the most dangerous work in the world takes place on the commercial fishing grounds of Alaska, where crews must deal with gale-force winds, towering seas, long hours, and . . . Baked Salmon Wellington?

Fishes & Dishes is a cookbook of 80 mouthwatering seafood recipes focusing on fresh Northwest and Pacific Rim flavors, influenced by the bounty of the Alaskan waters. Inside, you’ll also peek into the remarkable lives of the women who work in America’s deadliest industry. They share funny and sometimes harrowing stories of running their own boats crab fishing on the Bering Sea, long-lining for halibut and black cod, and tendering salmon in Southeast Alaska, all from the unique perspective of women working in a predominately male industry.

This fascinating book also offers tips for cleaning, preserving, and preparing fish, hints for pairing wine with seafood, a glossary of commercial fishing terms, an explanation of fishing methods, on-board fashion tips and information about sustainability.